Welcome to the Jean Cultural & Creative website (hereinafter called this “Website”). For you to securely use all services and information contained in this Website, this Privacy Statement explains our Privacy Protection Policy (the “Policy”) to protect your rights and interests. Please read the following contents carefully.

1. Scope of the Policy

Our Policy covers how we process your personal identification information while you use any functions and/or services (the “Service”) on this Website. This Policy shall not apply to the external links to websites outside of this Website, nor shall it apply to administrators not commissioned by or not related to this Website.

2. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information

When you visit this Website or use any Service, we may ask you to provide necessary personal information with regard to the nature of the service or function you use. We will also process and use your personal information for service-specific purpose(s). Under no circumstance shall this Website use your personal information for other purpose(s) without your written approval.

When using interactive services on this Website such as Contact Us and on-line polls, the name, email address, contact information, and time of use you provided will be kept.

When you browse this Website, our server will automatically record relevant paths, including the IP address of your networking equipment, the time of connection, the type(s) of browsers you use, and the data you have browsed and/or selected for the reference of our Service improvement. All such records will only be used internally and will not be disclosed to the public.

To provide you with accurate services, we will analyze the data collected from on-line polls with statistical techniques and present the relevant results in statistics or text descriptions. Apart from internal studies, we may disclose such statistics or text descriptions to the public where necessary, provided that no specific personal information will be involved.

3. Data Protection

This Website has equipped all servers with various information security equipment and security protection measures, such as firewall and antivirus systems, to strictly protect this Website and your personal information. Your personal information will only be assessed by authorized personnel who are requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement to assume their legal liabilities/responsibilities for violations of their non-disclosure obligations.

Where it is necessary to outsource the Service for business needs, this Website will also request the service provider(s) to comply with the relevant non-disclosure obligations and conduct inspections necessary for ensuring their compliance.

4. External Links of the Website

This Website may provide links to other websites. You may also visit those websites by clicking on such links. Please note that this Policy does not apply to such websites connected via this Website. When you visit those websites, you must read the privacy protection policy of the respective websites.

5. Policy for Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

Unless otherwise specified by the law or in a contract, under no circumstance shall this Website provide, exchange, lease or sell your personal information to any individuals, groups, private enterprises, or government agencies.

The exceptions to the foregoing paragraph include, but are not limited to:

Disclosures with your written approval.

Disclosures as requested by law.

Disclosures for relieving hazards on your life, body, or freedom or property.

Disclosures for the need of conducting statistics for the public interest or academic research through cooperation with government agencies or academic research institutions, provided that such information shall be processed by the provider or disclosure by the collector with methods that can ensure no identification of the specific information owners.

Disclosures necessary for the identification, contact or taking of legal action when your behavior on this Website has violated the terms of use or may cause potential harm to or interfere with the rights and interests of other users or cause damage to any other parties.

Disclosures for the benefits of your rights and interests.

When outsourcing other service providers or individuals to collect, process and/or use your personal information, this Website will exercise due professional care as a good administrator to manage such service providers or individuals.

6. Use of Cookies

To optimize the Service for you, this Website may send and use our cookies to and in your computer. If you decline to accept such cookies, please set the privacy level of your browser(s) to the highest level to block cookies from entering your computer. However, some Website functions may not work properly in the absence of suck cookies.

7. Amendment of the Policy

This Website may amend the Policy as necessary and post the amendment(s) on the website afterwards.