Product Development
Collaborative development items include cards, masking tape, sticky notes, paper gifts, wooden gifts, and so on. Our collaborative development services include: production of the highest-standard collaborative development products, provision of professional gift consultation services, and development of unique and creative design through a professional team to improve your brand image and achieve ideal brand awareness promotion.
Collaborative development items include cards, masking tape, sticky notes, paper gifts, wooden gifts, and so on. Our collaborative development services include: production of the highest-standard collaborative development products, provision of professional gift consultation services, and development of unique and creative design through a professional team to improve your brand image and achieve ideal brand awareness promotion.
Successful Examples
Handmade and Laser Cards and Laser-cut Landmarks
Eslite Bookstore
Eslite Bookstore - 18th birthday

Transform illustrator CROTER's Eslite bookstore into the dimensional one.

The ingenious graphic design is shown by delicate laser technology, as a big open book, with four pages showing main corners of bookstore, Eslite music, stationery store and Eslite flavor. The Eslite Xinyi store comes to vivid on paper.

Taipei 101
Landmark scene souvenirs

At an equivalent ratio, Jean designers design each piece to finish this landscape paper puzzle for DIYers to feel the fun of desktop assembly of a building. The finished product will become an elaborate decoration.

*This project is under license of Taipei 101.

A gift shop in Russia
Russian laser bookmarks

The details, culture, and charm of the beautiful Russian cities are presented with our exclusive laser technology and delicately laser-cut paper.

National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS)
Official card

The card fuses comprehensive elements for visitors to immediately get the messages communicated by NMNS.

Union Bank of Taiwan (UBOT)
Thank You Card

With the delicacy and prestige touch presented by laser, apart from expressing gratitude to all UBOT customers, the card represents UBOT’s thoughtful and warm services for customers.

A jewelry shop in Indonesia
VIP Invitation for a Christmas event

The project started in 1979. The invitation features a diamond-like design with a quality and brilliant touch. The product has since become a stunning design.

Finland / Santa Claus Village Gift Shop
Laser Certificated Card

This card was designed in the form of a certificate for visitors to put stamps on the card in specific areas in the village to leave a sweet memory interactively.

Masking Tape and Sticky Notes
Sticky Note- Zebra crossing the road
In order to promote traffic safety education, the Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation provides traffic safety teaching material packages to elementary school teachers and students. It includes customized sticky notes with original characters to stimulate students' learning motivation, understand "stop, look, listen and think" when crossing the road, and implement safe traffic behaviors in their lives.
Washi Tape- Modern Women's Foundation

Use creative stationery, sticky note, to remind women to pay attention on issue of stalking and harassment.

Washi Tape - Taipei Water Park

Via washi tape, the idea of water cycle presents in a anthropomorphic way.  Therefore the knowledge of nature can be full of fun.

Washi Tape- Forestry Bureau Luodong Forest District Management Office

The new vision of Taiwan’s forests is presented by  illustrators to remind everyone from disaster-preventing, healthy forest, education  to community forest.

Otsuka Sticky Note

The sticky note was ordered by Otsuka Pharmaceutical as a gift to promote its Pletaal tablet in 2015. Characters including “cardiovascular drug” and “stroke ahead” were punched on the sticky note to present the medication’s function and scenario and combine with the appeal and function of the medication in the interesting advertisement.
With i-Maker’s exclusive sticky note punching technology, we enhance the overall value of sticky notes. When seeing the fun slogan (Stroke Ahead), people will smile and relieve their stress in busy work. This may probably reduce the chance of a real stroke.

ARUKAS Original Group
Special color masking tapes

This is a project commissioned by an individual in 2016. The image of ARUKAS is elegant and elaborate. The butterfly, feather, sculptured pattern, and butterfly token are presented with a gold identity color. With special masking tape production technology, we present the lightweight, transparent and elaborate characteristics. Together with the soy ink delivery of perfect color development, we marked out the lightweight and lustrous sense with embossed gold and pale pastel colors. The core and tape were neatly cut to present a safe to use feeling.

Cloud Gate Theater
Souvenir for the grand opening of the Cloud Gate Theater in 2015

Two styles of masking tape were designed as the souvenir for the grand opening of the Cloud Gate Theater. Both feature the calligraphic work of “雲門” (Cloud Gate) by artist Grace Y. T. Tong. One is in maccha green and silver, and the other one is in emerald and black. Both carry the token consisting of the theater’s contour surrounded by mountains. The specially designed token has clean and beautiful contours; light, thin and transparent paper to present the theater’s characteristics.
With the “Meeting Guests at the Gate” invitation card or the performance ticket, or by checking in on the fan clubs, one can get one roll of souvenir masking tape.

Taiwan Film Institute (TFI)
Film festival masking tapes

In 2014 we designed two styles of masking tape for the Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF). In the design, we re-present the “film” concept of films on masking tape with light and shadows and the time line.
A total of 70 foreign guests from 20 countries, such as the USA, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, South Korea, China, the UK, and Germany, attended TIDF. A total of 100 to 140 documentaries in about 250 sessions attracted about 30,000 audience-times. Audiences were given masking tape on condition.

Wooderful life
VIP Mid-Autumn Gift Box
Dan nong's "Love across The Universe" Mid-Autumn gift box is specially designed for premium members. The exclusive music box and customized embroidery patch not only show the names and messages, but also heartwarming greetings and universal love!
Music Box- Le Petit Prince

The licensed music boxes of the Le Petit Prince series use classic scenes such as the little prince and the fox, roses, and planets. "Only with your heart can you see the beauty you want to see." Open the book music box, listen carefully to the melody of the music, and let the little prince warm your daily life.

Dynamic Night Light Music Box- Starlux Airlines A330neo
Specially customized the Night Light Music Box Starlux Airlines A330neo. Light up the lights at night, and play the exclusive landing track "Peaceful" of Starlux Airlines to relive the happy time of travel.
Hong Kong
Ferris wheel Music Box- LOG-ON / Birthday Music Box- LOG-ON

LOG-ON, a brand of City Super Group

MF Bear, the mascot of Manual Factory interactive area at LOG-ON, is matched with colorful Ferris wheels & cakes into your daily life with friendly product designs.

Music Box- Starlux Airlines

Specially customized the musical movement by Starlux boarding music "Flying High" tailored by jazz giant Peter White. 

The miniature of all details from the aircraft lines painting to the handsome "LINK MONSTER" shuttle bus.

Music Box- China Airlines Ferris wheel / Music Box- China Airlines

China Airlines has launched two classic music boxes, which are deeply loved by fans. The uniformed staff of China Airlines will wave to you and welcome you to take a China Airlines flight to worldwide.

Washington San Francisco
Music Box- Washington / Music Box- San Francisco

Follow the city tour bus and tinkling car to see the famous American buildings and landscapes.

The Name of Cities are laser-engraved on bases to savor the culture and scenery unique to the United States.

Music Box- Changi Airport

"Stars shine on Changi, light up the new city."

The dreamy Jewel Star Garden and the Merlion are Singapore's must-visits.  The train moving on the music box along the invisible track, shuttles between the special attractions in Singapore.

Music Box- Cappadocia

Turkey's famous attractions Cappadocia, hot air balloon flying in the early morning.

Beautiful Music Box is not only integrating with the local characteristics, but also turning the beautiful memories of tourists with a clockwork.

Rotating Head Music Box- Hanuman

The famous posture of the Hanuman God.   

Intricate patterns, delicate portraits, combined with Thai bamboo dance music, continue historical culture and beliefs through cultural and creative design products.

Marina Bay Sands of Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Music Box

Customized by the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel of Singapore

MEMCO of Russia
Dancing Reindeer Music Box

Custom Christmas gift for employees.

Age of Learning of the USA
Corporate custom music box

This is a music box customized by a leading US cram school based on its logo and construction as a gift for others.

Ming-chang Chen
Ming-chang Chen Music Box

The music box is designed in the form of the Xinbeitou Railway Station with wood. As the train starts, Chen’s song Beloved Yesteryear Station begins. The touching melody is presented in monophony for users to listen to this great song and discover Taiwan’s gorgeous scenery in order to extend the story and heat to every part of daily life.

Juming Museum
Juming Museum Music Box

We presented the unique art vocabulary of Ju’s work Single Whip with wood to pass on the same spirit with different texture.
We also combined the museum’s ecology elements to present Ju’s free and nature-together style.

Heisuke Kitazawa X Jean

Japanese illustrator Heisuke Kitazawa’s interesting design incorporates Jean’s unique wooden craftsmanship and delicate paper art to launch a series of practical and attractive stationery, including perpetual calendar, sticky note, tape dispenser and other limited products. "Ideal Stationery Fair" at Eslite Bookstore will take you into the creative stationery forest in one second!

2023 Ideal Stationery Exhibition
Asano Peko X Jean
Combining with Japanese illustrator Asano Peko's lively illustration style and Jean Cultural’s exquisite wooden and paper products.

In 2023 Eslite Bookstore “ Ideal Stationery” Exhibition, a series of "airport" stationery products was launched.  This collection includes perpetual calendars, post-it notes, postcards, etc. We will travel around the world with you!