Bringing Sensation with A Heart

Upholding the belief in products from emotions, designs from creativity, and materials from nature, we develop products that are closer to consumers to inspire the purest sensation in heart with fantastic designs.
Scale of Operations
With Taipei Operational Center as the axis and the Marketing & Development Division as the center, we have Taipei and Shenzhen to engage in marketing planning, material development, product design, product manufacture, and branding. This well-organized system enables a fuller product variety.
Professional Technology
Marketing planning provides accurate market trend analysis, and the Design Department has over 60 designers with rich design experience. Upon a strong material base, we realize fantastic design and create new milestones in gift and cultural-creative products with modernized processes and all-round production technology.

Out of the Frame

Through tradition breakthroughs and innovative thinking, product designs are recommended by internal proposals. Through creativity storming of the team, the seeds of creativity are repeatedly revised and adjusted to germinate innovative products that lead the time and start the trend.

Pursuit of Perfection

After designers hand out a sample, the PE Department plans the overall process, accurately calculate the cost, and make a proof. Through incessant communication and improve, engineers only want to comply with the designer’s original spirit and meet the customer’s requirements.