Record Life with Handmade Crafts at Jeantopia


Jeantopia pop up stores in Taiwan, Shanghai and Shenzhen caused a sensation among handmade fans. Now the first Jeantopia store is officially open at Taipei Huashan Creative Park and will provide interesting life experience to everyone.


From Jeantopia to Jeantopia

Jeantopia originated from the concept store of Jean Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd. The "concept store" with more than 30,000 items of materials managed by system is where our design team looks for inspiration when developing new products. Both cost and quality of product can be controlled efficiently. We accelerate the tedious processes, work systematically and realize mass production.


Play the Role of a Designer

Jeantopia is the first composite concept store for handmade crafts in Taiwan. The name means Dream (Jean) for Utopia, a unique space to fulfill people’s desires for creating beautiful things. With years of experience in design field, we successfully combine joy of handcrafting with life experience, design diversified and exquisite handmade materials. It’s easy to complete fascinating craft by simple steps to decorate daily life. In this brand new creation space, visitors can enjoy the fun of making simple DIY crafts that bring beautiful taste and accessible luxury into everyday life.


Endless Inspiration at Jeantopia

Jeantopia covers nearly 1,000 types of diversified components designed by our professional and experienced design team. You are able to select any materials and DIY base here for creation. A variety of handmade tools are provided. The service staff will answer your questions and give instructions. Simply sit down in the handmade area and you can realize your design dreams immediately!


Charming Handwriting

Do you remember when the last time you wrote a card to someone was? Even only with simple words, a greeting card with a handwritten message can always touch people’s hearts. Jeantopia offers nearly a hundred of notebooks, greeting cards, photo albums and surprise boxes. Photo printing service is also provided. Put some of your important memories into a frame and decorate your daily life with these sweet moments.



High Quality Wooden Designs Make Life More Colorful

People feel relaxed when seeing warm wooden texture. You will find many wooden storage boxes, photo frames, interesting desk decorations and so on. Enjoy the healing power that wood could bring to our lives together.


Enrich Our Life

No matter how many necklaces you have bought, it's never enough? That's because you haven't discovered the right necklace that only belongs to you. There is a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key rings, as well as many styles of fabric and storage bags in different sizes. Each one is a simple texture accessory, and can be assembled with a variety of small parts to create a unique style of your own.



Resin, acrylic, die casting, cloth and paper parts, each small component is a finished product that can be used independently, on existing clothing or as collective small ornaments. You can also mix these materials in one product to enjoy the DIY fun.


Handmade Fun with Afternoon Tea

In addition to offering a space for enjoying handmade fun, Jeantopia also satisfy your taste buds by providing Taiwanese tea and delicate desserts made with seasonal, local ingredients. Have the beautifully decorated light meals while making simple DIY crafts. Enjoy the perfect time with the sense of vision, smell and taste. Share it to your friends and come to visit us in Jeantopia one day!

【Jeantopia Huashan Store Information】

● Service: DIY space, photo printing
● Opening time: Mon. to Sun. 11:00-21:00
● Handmade area opening hour: 11:00-20:00
● Phone: 02-23416165
● Address: No. 1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Huashan Creative Park /Building Center 3A (1F-2)


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